Friday, December 9, 2011


Maybeline BB Mousse SPF 30+
Neutrogena Sunscreen SPF 50+
Za Instant Brightener SPF 20+

If I apply all these products on my face, does that mean I have SPF 100? Zomg!!

Picture says it all

Kitai semua rindu de aki

Aki udah pulai syurga

It means "Grandpa has return to heaven" in Iban.
No words could describe how much I missed him. The love he shower upon each and everyone of his grandchildren is unconditional.

Those were the days

Imagine if we still live in this era I'll be a Victoria Secret model and dem models wish they were in my place. Hohoho!

But now every magazine we open up or tube we turn on its always "how to lose weight" So first the voluptuous , den the skinnies, den what? The musculars?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Testing 1..2..3

Wonder if this blogger app really works on my iPad

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hey lovelies,
I think my MacBook is gone for good thus I bought the Ipad 2 so I can continue blogging.
First, I need to get myself a 3G so I can blog on the go. Therefore, the next upcoming post will just be short ones and prolly less and sucky pictures =/ boo!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who is she again?

Hello you!
I don't quite remember you being here! Have we met?

YES! I noe already that i've been mia-ing far too long now. My blog is more dead than de morgue.
S'okay cos i'm back bitches. It's been a long time since i've blog so i've been starring at my computer screen for a good half an hour. (i think i've lost my touch!) They won't be any pictures cos i sold my cam last year.. but i'm getting a LUMIX GF2 this coming June baaaayybeeeeee......

So what have i been up to for the pass one year!?

N-O-T-H-I-N-G! ('cept getting ink (again!) , new relationship, work, gym and again!)

oh right. My MACpro has risen from the death. RAM problem cost me about rm450 to fix the damn thing.

So today, i've book a spa for the bf at G hotel cos he needs other woman to massage him. Will blog about it after i experience it.
''to love or be loved''

Saturday, June 19, 2010

She's a goner

can I just leave my blog here to die a slow death here? U see I have a good reason for this. My Mac just died too:( yes, thank you for ur condelences. It's been really hard for me! :'( so that kinda explains why I didn't upload my Singapore trip pictures on fb. I mean what's a blog without pictures right? Cos I Noe for u bloghoppers/blog walking or wadever u might like to call urself love reading blogs w/ pictures. Specifically not cam whore ones unless ur pretty or ur blog is a blog make up.

So right now if u are wondering I am typing this tru a friends iPhone. Thanks friend :)

But I will frequently update my tweets so do stalk me.

Lemme just do a brief update on wad is going on my life recently.

- I went to S'pore for a week and spend a large amount of money shopping ( I rather not talk about the e act amount) but truth is I love it there. Spend a lot of bonding time w/ my cous! One thing I nid to get use to is the escalators there. I mean omg!! They zoom so fast that I nearly trip everytime. How very embarrasing. It like everyone is rushing. Well duh! City life

- Final exams are on next wednesday and I hardly touch my books (very bad joy!! *spank spank*)

- my prom is right after my exams and it's my first but still I am the same ol cheapskate joy that I use everthing second hand(well, almost) so total amount spent: Rm 150 including tix btw, the theme is Masquerade so I just go for a black and red colour theme. Overrated I noe.. But at least I x splurge on a dress that cost Rm 700 like some of my other classmates-___-

- Been hitting the gym a lot lately! Doing a lot of lunges to tone the ever so flabby thighs. Now I can't squat fully! Imagine if I nix to take a dump badly and all the toilet are for squatting...and tell me, why did I even have this thought lol. Been eating healthy too, less rice and more proteins and greens including fruit juices! Thanks to Maclean Patrick for the advice

- Starting working life soon in Penang in 2 weeks time. That means more gym session, I mean seriously the food there is sooooooooooo........ good. 360 deg and it's all food, how can I say no right? I'm a food person u noe!

- Getting my bb next week!! Yayness!! Time to bbm me. Woo-hoo! ( well next week la)

- Went to MOS on a Thursday night, ladies night and well I hated it. Too many youngsters and seriously so immature. A really tucked up night for me! The music is like omg..... Mix tape sounds like broken tape. Lucky the djs are super cute so forgiven! And some of the girls dance on the stage like they are on Estacy pills and have lots of cold slitherring worms in their shirt I'm like omg is that suppose to be sexy and I'm suppose to be turn on? But oh well everyone has thief "own" dance. Another thing is, that night was some snowing or winter theme. And halfwaY u dance suddenly a whole gunny sack of stereofoam balls falls on ur head, into ur clothes and surprisingly shoes! Then later on, at some part they have this bubble foam falling on u like they are doing some car wash business up there.tO wonder what are they trying to do err "Pesta Buih"? That night was full of Indians and the mat rocker malays with BO. Omg.. And i got my ass grab by one of them WTF seriously I am sticking to Zouk from now onwards. No more next time for me.

Okay I guess that's enough update for now. Lol